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The “TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Magnetic Headphones” have been available on Amazon (in the UK at least) since November 2015. These headphones are very attractively priced at £23.99 (at the time of writing this post) which, when compared to some other popularly branded in-ear sport headphones, is an absolute steal!


  • Bluetooth 4.1 (supporting A2DP , AVRCP , HSP , HFP)
  • aptX, allowing for a higher quality listening experience
  • CVC (Clear Voice Capture) Noise Cancellation, for clearer conversations via the:
  • Built-In Microphone
  • 3-button in-line remote
  • Ability to pair/remember two devices for seamless switching
  • Earpieces made of machined aluminium
  • Includes 3 sizes of wings and earbuds
  • iOS battery indicator, so you can see how much battery is left in your headphones when paired with an iOS device
  • Lightweight – 14.2g (0.5 ounces)

Audio Quality

The first time I used these headphones, I was exceptionally surprised at not only the volume, but also the quality and clarity of the audio coming from the earbuds!

Vocals are exceptionally clear, bass is pleasant and not overpowering or “tinny” and I didn’t find myself having to turn the volume up high to drown out background noise.

The only point worth noting here is that you REALLY have to get a good seal in your ear to get the best listening experience. This is the same with all in-ear headphones though. If the earbud doesn’t provide a decent seal in-ear, you get a lot of background noise leaking in and a lot of your audio leaking out. I, for one, will be upgrading the earbuds to Comply Foam tips for better sound isolation 🙂

Battery life

I’ve used these headphones a few times while shopping and while at the gym, therefore my average usage time is around 45 minutes. I do not leave the headphones in stand-by after I have finished using them, I turn them off and pack them away in my back/pocket. So far, I’ve found that I have only had to charge the headphones twice during the two weeks I’ve been properly using them!

TaoTronic’s documentation estimates 6 hours of battery life, which fits in pretty well with my usage above!

Charging time from flat is pretty quick – I’ve found that it takes just under 1.5 hours to charge from flat using the included Micro USB cable plugged in to a desktop computer USB port.

I currently have these paired with my iPhone 7 Plus and have found the iOS battery indicator to work perfectly. Until I purchased this phone, I’ve always been an Android user… this simple little feature is extremely nifty! It makes knowing when I need to charge the headphones so much easier, rather than keeping them constantly on charge.

Build Quality

The body of the earpieces is machined from aluminium which provides a very premium feel! On the back of each earpiece is a magnet to clasp the headphones together to prevent tangling or loss when removed whilst in the gym (hanging them around your neck). The magnets are a lot stronger than I was expecting and provide a satisfying click when sticking the earpieces together.

The wire between the two earpieces is made from a “matte rubber”, which so far has not tangled or tied itself up, while the in-line remote is made of a glossy plastic. The included wings and earbuds are made of rubber. The headphones are designed to stand up to dust, sweat, moisture (NOT waterproof) and the build quality really reflects this.

Included in the box is a fabric carry case, which has a surprisingly premium feel to it as well. It’s not your standard thin microfiber style pouch, it’s a thick padded fabric which eases the worry of breaking the headphones by leaving them in your gym bag.

These headphones come with a 12-month warranty as standard, but you can register your product with TaoTronics directly for an extended warranty!


As soon as you turn the headphones on, they’re available for use on your phone. They’re really quick! I haven’t extensively tested range with these headphones, as they’re paired with my phone which is always in my pocket so isn’t usually something. Saying that, I’ve found that I can easily wander around the house with multiple walls and a ceiling between the headphones and my phone. At most, I’ve probably strayed 20ft away from my phone with no sign of disconnection or audio dropout.


All in all, these earbuds are exceptional quality for the price point! Even at double the price, I probably wouldn’t think twice about purchasing these for or recommending these to family and friends.

The primary reason I bought these headphones was to get rid of the trailing wire whilst at the gym. If you’re a gym-goer, you know there’s nothing worse than smashing through a workout and as your concentration peaks… you snag your wire on a bar, handle, bench and the rest of the workout flies straight out of the window!

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This is not a sponsored/paid review. All opinions are entirely my own and unbiased.


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