Apple iOS HomeKit accessories page gets a much needed refurb

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Have you ever tried finding out which devices you own (or are planning to purchase) are HomeKit compatible and found that it’s just a plain horrific task? Well, you’re finally in luck!

Apple have overhauled their official HomeKit compatible devices list, making it much easier to find what you’re looking for as well as modernizing the entire page. You no longer have to trawl through a dated “support” page style document, looking for your device or even device type.

Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices list

The redesigned page is much simpler to use, categorizing devices by type. When you click on a device type, you’re smooth scrolled down to the relevant section – in which individual brands/devices are ordered alphabetically and are (typically) linked to the respective product’s purchase/information page.

Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices Lights List

There are also now annotations against products that have “Announced” HomeKit support, or are “Coming Soon” to the HomeKit ecosystem, making finding a potential new bulb or smart plug controllable from a single application on your iOS device… just that bit easier.

With smart home tech’s popularity on the rise (and being the biggest buzzword at the moment), it’s no surprise that Apple have overhauled this page. Bringing the design of the page into the same era as the tech it’s advertising/pushing was definitely an absolute necessity, especially being the design-oriented and technologically advanced company that they are. Pushing HomeKit and making it more competitive in the smart home market also creates the single, seamless approach that Apple are so clearly aim for – with the Apple ecosystem gaining and retaining significant market share in all areas when compared to its close competitors. If you could control your entire home, from aircon to bulbs to plugs, from a single application on your smartphone/tablet, which also then hands off your calls, texts, emails or even copy & paste clipboard to your laptop when you arrive home… why would you not invest!?

Apple WWDC 2016 HomeKit


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