Apple iOS 10.3 Public Beta 5 released

Apple iOS 10.3 Public Beta 5

It’s been just over a week since Apple released a Public Beta update for iOS 10.3 and only 4 months since the release of iOS 10.2 – what does Public Beta 5 have in store for iOS 10.3?

Unfortunately, it seems like not much at all… at least, not noticeably so! However, there’s a lot of speculation that this means that iOS 10.3 will finally be going out as a final release to all compatible devices!

iOS 10.3 features and upgrades

The following are features that have been included in the previous 4 Beta’s and that we can expect to see in the final, public rollout.

  • iOS devices will now utilise the Apple File System (known as: APFS). APFS is optimized for flash storage (SSD) and brings about a range of security improvements, such as stronger encryption.
  • Find My AirPods. With the release of the AirPods, a lot of owners complained that the potential to lose an AirPod/the AirPods was much higher than the likelyhood of losing the bundled EarPods. And if you’re dropping a cool £160, you want to try and make sure that the chance of losing one of these is minimised. With iOS 10.3, Apple have baked in a new feature called “Find My AirPods”, which will essentially record the last known location an AirPod when it was last connected to your iOS device via Bluetooth.
  • Improved user security from the settings menu – iOS device owners will now be able to manage any/all settings relating to their iCloud account from a single settings page
  • CarPlay will have access to last three used apps, for quicker switching without the need to navigate through the home screen
  • Apple will slowly be starting to wean out support for 32-bit applications, hinting that iOS 10.4/11 may be 64-bit only! If you use an app that is built for 32-bit, you’ll get a notification telling you that the app may “slow your device down” and that the developer needs to “update to improve its compatibility
  • Wi-Fi calling is now supported with UK mobile provider Three

If you’re a Beta tester – make sure you’re running the latest release by going to Settings > General > Software Update

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